I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who enjoys helping people learn new ways to deal with the changing issues in life. I work with a variety of issues including anxiety disorders, depression, grief and loss, and relationship issues.

Since earning my Master of Arts degree in School and Professional Counseling in 2004, I have worked as a school counselor. This experience has allowed me to help many adolescents and families with a wide variety of issues. My office is a safe haven for people to find the help that they need to take on the challenges they are facing in life.

The therapy models I use vary according to the needs of each individual person, since everyone is unique in their own way. My role as a therapist is to help the person(s) I am working with to learn new coping skills so they will have the tools needed to better manage their journey in life and to their preferred future. I enjoy working as a counselor and find that helping people understand themselves and make positive changes in their lives is extremely rewarding.

As a school counselor I have extensive experience working with adolescents and young adults. It’s not easy being an adolescent or a parent/guardian to an adolescent. I strive to understand the multiple layers of what is occurring within a teen as they try to develop their own identity and learn how to begin to separate from their family of origin. I especially enjoy working with adolescents, and helping them and their families navigate through the ups and downs that life may bring.

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