Counseling Services Offered

Therapy for Individuals, Couples & Families

We can help you reduce conflict and address deeper underlying issues. Learn how to increase the intimacy in your relationship and grow stronger together. Find out how trust and intimacy can be restored through key healing conversations.

Individual Therapy

This is an intentional interpersonal relationship to aid a person with life’s problems. Individual therapy is effective in treating depression, anxiety, and grief as well as changing relationship patterns.

Couples Therapy

This is a process of counseling people in a significant relationship in an effort to recognize and better manage conflict, increase communication and intimacy, and change unhealthy relationship patterns. We use the Gottman therapy method with couples.

Intensive Couples and Family Therapy

Sometimes couples and families need more intensive care. For highly distressed couples, Monica may work with one spouse and then with the other. For families in crisis, we may work with the children or adolescents in individual therapy and work with the parents separately, and then together she coordinates family therapy. We believe that this approach delivers greater impact and can more quickly resolve the crises these couples and families are experiencing.

Areas of expertise include:

Relationship issues
Work difficulties
Life transitions

Grief and loss
Stress management
Restrictive eating disorders
Faith based counseling

We offer a highly personalized approach, tailored to each client’s needs, in a supportive and comfortable atmosphere.

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